Marketing Performance Benchmarking Study

Marketing Performance Benchmarking Study

Improving marketing performance through greater customer focus

In B2B marketing, the performance of the marketing effort has always proven difficult to measure. This current study examines the status quo of the marketing setup of leading industrial companies in the German-speaking world. It measures the maturity of the marketing performance of individual companies compared to their competition. 

The companies questioned assess their current marketing performance with an average of 60%. In the given conditions, an improvement in performance of over 40% is considered possible. The study highlights the potential factors for improving marketing performance and identifies the key leverage areas.

Would you like to review the study results in full? You can order a digital or printed version of the study for 495 Euro plus VAT.


Study title: Marketing Performance Benchmarking Study
Languages: German, English
Formats: Results report
Price: 495 Euro plus VAT
Year of publication: 2010