Service Excellence in the Medical Technology Sector

Service Excellence in the Medical Technology Sector

Opportunity for profitable growth and differentiation from the competition

The joint study by J&M Management Consulting and SPECTARIS shows that manufacturers in the medical technology sector now see themselves as positioned in the centre between pure product providers and service and solution providers.

Hospitals have to calculate meticulously to keep their costs in check. What is critical here is not simply the procurement costs for the medical equipment, but rather the total costs of maintenance, inspection, servicing and repairs. The manufacturers in the medical technology industry are set to benefit greatly from the transformation to service and solution provider. Many of these manufacturers are still focusing on product innovations. The service share at these companies amounts to only 18 per cent of total sales. Many hospitals complain about a lack of transparency regarding which services are actually available. 

The study, which is based on focus interviews with decision makers from hospitals and medical technology companies, illustrates the gap between requirements and services, provides an overview of the increased use of performance indicators (KPI), and points out changes that are needed with regard to strategy, organisation and technology.    

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Study title: Service Excellence in the Medical Technology Sector
Languages: German
Formats: Study paper
Price: 495 Euro plus VAT
Year of publication: 2012